Pierre Adriaans




April 2010 – Present

Khafre Software

Long Beach, CA


Khafre Software offers an industry-agnostic customizable data processing platform accessible via any web browser.


Co-founder and CTO


The Khafre platform grew from the Khufu application developed for PaymentGone in 2007. Unlike Khufu, however, Khafre is not tied to the financial industry. It is a completely customizable and brandable generic platform allowing users to create “processing screens” using data capture fields, calculation fields (using simple math formulas or embedded Java code), embeds, images, … The platform can also generate documents using a file’s data, and store electronic documents associated with a file. Two presentation layers were developed: a full feature interface using the Echo2 Ajax framework, and a lighter “Express” version using servlets and JSPs. The middleware was written using Spring/Hibernate, and MySQL was chosen for the persistence layer.


March 2008 – April 2010


Santa Monica, CA


Clearwire is a 4G WiMAX provider.


Senior Developer


In preparation for its WiMAX rollout, Clearwire needed a custom CMS solution to manage content on their original portal, Clear365. The CMS we developed was then extended to be able to manage any of the company’s web properties, including the Rover product line. I was mainly responsible for the development of the GUI interface to the CMS, but I also actively participated in the development of certain portions of the middleware. This was developed using the Echo2 Ajax framework for the presentation layer, Spring/Hibernate for the middleware. The persistence layer was a mix of MySQL and Apache Jackrabbit.


March 2007 – March 2008


Long Beach, CA


PaymentGone is a mortgage brokerage company.


Senior Developer


Heavily involved in the refinance part of the mortgage business, the principals at the company expressed the need for an application which would allow them to run simulations of several key mortgage programs based on a customer’s financial data, as well as produce marketing literature customized for each customer, describing each prospective program. The application had to be web-based, to avoid deployment problems, and easy to use by people familiar with Win32 console applications. This led to the Khufu application, written in Java, using the Echo2 Ajax framework for the presentation layer, my personal com.xpierre framework for the middleware, and MySQL for the persistence layer. It was deployed using Apache and Tomcat.



June 1999 – March 2007

iMarketing International

Mission Viejo, CA


iMarketing International is an internet marketing company, with Referralware as its flagship product. Referralware is an MLM facilitator. By working directly with online business opportunities, it offers its customers placements of purchased signups directly in each customer’s downline within each program, as well as a full feature Contact Manager and an automated event driven email follow-up system.


Co-founder and CTO


iMarketing was started based on the work produced during the EarnHard years, by two of the principals of that company and myself. I was in charge of all the database design and programming of every project we developed. Everything was written in Java, using JRun and later Tomcat as application servers, Apache as a webserver and MySQL as persistence layer. Every application was based on my homegrown com.xpierre framework.



July 2000 – December 2001


Santa Monica, CA

Roamable produces a patented modular and scalable architecture to serve wireless, email, and web applications content. The demonstration initiative of this technology is the HALiBOT consumer service, which is a fully functional email-based answering and information agent.

Senior Java Developer

When I joined the company, the HALiBOT service was a fully functional application written in C++, but not as scalable and portable as the management wanted. My role was to oversee a redesign of the architecture towards a more modular model as well as drive a port of the entire system to Java. My personal codebase was used for foundation classes during this process. The final product was deployed on Linux using JRun, and later, Tomcat for the servlet engine, and the MySQL database.



March 2000 - July 2000


Culver City, CA

Elite.com is owned by Elite Information Systems. The parent company's main focus is time and billing for small to mid-size firms. In 1999, Elite IS wanted to bring their expertise to the web and created Elite.com. Their first product was Timesolv.

Senior Java Developer

During my stay at Elite.com, I was responsible for overseeing the implementation of the first prototype of a web-based project-management application, integrated with the current Timesolv architecture. This prototype was 100% pure Java and used a customized version of my servlet framework. The implementation delivered used the Weblogic 4.5.1 application server for the EJB container, JRun 2.3.3 for the servlet/JSP engine, Netscape Enterprise for the webserver, and Oracle 8i for the database, mapped though ObjectMatter's VBSF.



February 1999 - March 2000


Santa Monica, CA

USWeb/CKS was a consulting firm providing programming and designing services for web application development. They merged with Whittman-Hart early in 2000 and the resulting entity was renamed marchFIRST.

Principal Engineer

At USWeb/CKS, I mainly worked in Java, writing applications based on Servlet, JSP/JavaBeans and JDBC technologies.

I have used:


For a brief period, I also worked with WebObjects. This fully object-oriented web application development environment was born on the NeXT platform and uses Objective-C and Java.



March 1998 - February 1999

EarnHard Investments, Inc

Orange, CA

EarnHard owned, designed and operated Adult websites.

Senior software engineer - Database designer - DBA

My task was to design and implement all the aspects of the business the web designers could not handle. My weapons of choice were C++ and client-side JavaScript. The various projects I worked on include:

  • Replaced the various third party products the company was using for authentication, sign-up and administration of the sites by an integrated relational database architecture (using IBM's DB2), and wrote all the tools necessary to day-to-day operations.
  • Wrote a custom authentication filter (IIS 4.0) allowing cross-sites authentication. This filter also performs "password fraud" checks and can deactivate accounts if it appears the password was stolen or published.
  • Designed and implemented a banner program and a console program for traffic purchasing. This includes the counting/redirection modules (ISAPI) and the administration modules.
  • Wrote a "on-line purchase fail-safe" software which automatically attempts the purchase though an alternate credit card processor if the primary processor fails to reply or denies the purchase.


March 1996 - March 1998

Scoop, Inc

Santa Ana, CA

Scoop, Inc. produced comprehensive, interactive, and personalized news research and delivery services on-line, such as IntelliSearch and Scoop! Direct (Scoop was acquired by Solutions Corporation of America)

Software engineer - Database designer

  • I was mainly involved in the back-end aspect of both IntelliSearch and Scoop! Direct: I designed the original DB structure for both products and wrote most of the data integration programs, processing the raw datafeeds into the relational database. This includes the use of the Verity engine.
  • I wrote the original implementation of the Scoop! Direct CGIs. These were then improved using the technology developed for Intellisearch.
  • I also participated in the design and coding of various Internet applications in C++, including document-driven server-side extensions, relational database applications, client/server applications, and other tools.


March 1995 - March 1996

NewsMakers, Inc

Costa Mesa, CA

Newsmakers was a company selling reprints of news articles, as well as custom designed "FameFrames" of news articles.

Software engineer - Database designer

I started working there developing databases and their GUI front-ends (using MFC and Windows 3.1) geared towards their reprints/fameframe business. Then, a project aiming to build an automated lead generation system for the sales people yielded the transformation of NewsMakers to Scoop!


Java, C/C++, JavaScript, Objective-C, HTML, SQL, Pascal, various shell languages

Operating Systems
Win32, UNIX, Solaris, Linux, Ultrix, OS/2, OSF, VMS


Apache, Tomcat, JDBC, ODBC, JSP, ASP, ISAPI, MSVC, RogueWave tools.h++, MFC, Spring/Hibernate, Echo2


1991 - 1994:

Computer Science degree at IN.PR.E.S. (INstitut PRovincial d'Enseignement Supérieur) in Seraing (Belgium).

1988 - 1990:

Biochemistry degree at I.P.E.S. (Institut Provincial d'Enseignement Supérieur) Beeckman in Liège (Belgium